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Waiting for Kiarostami

Waiting for Kiarostami focuses on the life of a medical student at Ningbo University in China (Dorsa Sinaki) who has to choose between her father’s wish for her to become a doctor, and her own passion to become a singer and an actress.

The Phone

On the last weekend of November,2013, I participated in the Shanghai 48 Hour Film Project. For the first time, I had to make a movie in less than 48 hours with an unknown crew and genre. Even though we officially didn’t make it on time because the movie was still rendering inside the computer, we made the movie anyway. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it, and share it with your friends.


Becoming Wine

Words can create beauty. The magic of words and poetry is beyond explanation.
All the languages have the unique beauty and Persian language is not exceptional.
This short movie appreciates how melodious words can provide a positive feeling.


Silky Eloquence

In my search for traces of my Iranian heritage, my trip to the West of China had become irresistible!
I decided to undertake this journey, as an “One Man Crew” filmmaker, despite many obstacles. When my external drive crashed and my only copy of my film, “Another Salute!” was lost,(Behrouz Vossoughi and Khosrow Shakibaie) I felt overwhelmed as I was one month late in preparing for the 3rd Noor Film Festival, already. I had a window of only two days to celebrate and film the Iranian New Year (Nowruz). Feelings of family obligation weighed on my mind, as it was also my wedding anniversary, and my birthday. In addition, I had no financial support–as all the organizations I thought would support me in this cultural quest, abandoned me.


American Burqa

American Burqa tries to show a token of the pain all Afghan women have experienced over the five – years under oppressive Taliban regime. This is a small portion of  84 minutes docu-drama.


Another Salute

This documentary was hidden for 9 years. Khosrow Shakibaei—one of the best actors after the Iranian Revolution—tried to find and meet Behrouz Voussoughi. Any attempt to meet Behrouz Vossoughi, whose name and picture are banned in Iran, would put Khosrow Shakibaeis acting career in Iran in jeopardy.


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